ORFeome Collaboration FAQ

  1. How can I find an ORF-clone for my gene of interest?
    click the Search button on the left and enter some identifier for your gene of interest, for example, a gene symbol or ENTREZ gene ID. You will receive a list of OC clones that cover the respective gene, which is complemented by a graphical view of the gene structure and all OC clones covering that locus, and a quality assessment of every clone (Clone Classification)

  2. How do I order an ORF clone?
    Information on ordering ORF clones can be found here.

  3. What is the advantage of cloning ORFs using the Gateway recombinational cloning system?
    The main advantage of using a recombinational cloning system is the ease with which each ORF can be transferred from the Entry Vector into any vector of choice. See introductory information here.